12 / March 2O21

6 Reasons for Embracing Marketing Video Production in 2021

6 Reasons for Embracing Marketing Video Production in 2021

Ever heard the saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same”?

If you find yourself in the field of digital marketing, (as a brand or marketing professional) you’d do well to just forget it.

In the fast-paced world of marketing, times have changed, are a-changin’, and will continue to do so for as long as humans keep inventing, selling and buying stuff. Which is why embracing marketing video production as part of your overall marketing strategy is so important.

Here’s something to chew on – did you know that consumers are no longer interested in “being sold to”?

Believe it, ‘cos it’s true.

These days, what most people are looking for is the opportunity to form a relationship with a brand.

But not just any old brand. Consumers will only commit to a brand they feel a genuine connection to – with the emphasis on feel.

Which brings us to the question – how do you make a potential customer feel something so powerful that they are willing to enter into a long-term relationship with your brand?

You need some strong stuff.

Enter video. A medium (and marketing tool) that packs a powerful emotional punch.

That said, there’s definitely no shortage of marketing videos out there. But what elevates a marketing video from meh to mega; from skip-button mediocrity to “you have to watch this”-shareability?

Read on for all to be revealed, as we explore 6 Reasons for Embracing Video Marketing in 2021.